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Version Information

Publisher: Wycliffe Associates (UK)

The Easy English Bible (2018 Edition) is a translation that aims to make the Bible accessible and understandable to those who have English as a second language or who struggle with more complex language. It uses simple, straightforward English for clarity and ease of reading.

First published in 2018, this translation was developed by a team of linguists and Bible scholars with the objective of creating a text that is both faithful to the original manuscripts and easy to understand for all readers, especially for those new to the Bible or learning English.

Easy English employs a limited vocabulary and straightforward sentence structure, making it particularly suitable for young readers, new Christians, and those who are not familiar with traditional Bible language. It includes translations of both the Old and New Testaments.

The translation team aimed to produce a version that is both accurate in conveying the original text's meaning and accessible in its language, ensuring that it can be understood by as wide an audience as possible.

The Easy English Bible is an excellent resource for evangelism, beginner Bible studies, and personal devotion, helping to bridge the gap for those who find other versions of the Bible challenging to comprehend.

It is a helpful tool for introducing the Bible's teachings to new believers and for use in multicultural communities where English may not be the first language of many residents.

Copyright Info

The Easy English Bible is copyrighted material. Specific guidelines for its usage, including quoting and reproducing text for various purposes, can be found on the official Easy English website. Permission must be obtained from Wycliffe Associates (UK) for any use beyond personal study and church services.

For detailed information and inquiries about usage rights, individuals and organizations are advised to contact Wycliffe Associates (UK) directly.

Note: The use of the Easy English Bible text in any form should adhere to the guidelines provided by the copyright holders.